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Deconstructed Vintage is more than just a vintage clothing store, it is a movement that seeks to make fashion more diverse, inclusive and sustainable. We create pieces that seek to bring awareness to and facilitate conversations about the many pressing human rights and socio-economic issues present in today’s climate. We believe fashion is for EVERYONE, so we choose to eliminate the gender binary from our clothing categorization and style each unique piece with various models- to showcase each piece’s versatility and fluidity.

In the past 15 years, global clothing production has more than doubled- with garments being worn less and discarded quicker than ever before. This racks up to about ‘80 million garments a year, 400% more than just two decades prior.’ (University of Queensland). With over 97% of these garments being produced overseas, by workers whom are not protected by the same rights or laws that many workers in the West are. Much of this can be attributed to Fast Fashion; cheap, trendy clothing that capitalizes on ideas from the runway and brings them into clothing stores at breakneck speeds. These companies have developed and follow a strategy known as ‘Planned Obsolensce’ or designing the garments to wear out quickly, fall out of fashion quickly, or literally just fall to pieces- to push consumers to continue quickly purchasing and discarding garments. This can also explain the extreme decline in quality of clothing and clothing materials that has been evident in fashion over the past decade.

       We came to fight back against fast fashion. The Vintage Clothing movement in itself is very much so a movement to make clothing consumption more sustainable- sadly it often times gets a bad rep because the clothing can appear (or even smell!) noticeably dated. Here at Deconstructed Vintage we like to do things a little differently. We hand pick, the highest quality, timeless, versatile pieces. Then we collect our product images and cleanse the clothing. Each piece is washed, hand washed, or dry cleaned, then steamed, pressed and rechecked for quality before it’s stored until purchase.

         At Reconstructed Vintage we hand pick pieces with the highest quality materials, in season patterns or colors and we proceed to ‘update’ them, by tailoring the pieces to reflect the fits and styles that best encompass today’s trends.

We seek to not only provide you with a more comfortable shopping experience, but one you can feel good about.


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